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We're On Your Side

Your case deserves a tested trial attorney's attention. You need an attorney who prepares every case as if it will go to trial to protect your rights from the very beginning. Unless the insurance company knows that your lawyer is willing to fight for you, you cannot get the results that you deserve.

At Fanizzi and Barr, P.C. an experienced trial attorney handles every case. We can best protect your rights because we are courtroom tested trial lawyers.

At Fanizzi and Barr, P.C. we are devoted to fighting for the rights of people who have been injured due to someone else's negligence. We analyze each case and prepare for trial from the very beginning.

You Deserve the Best

You and your case are not simply a file on a shelf. You are a person with a real life and real dreams. If your life and dreams have been interrupted by injuries caused by someone's carelessness, call us.

As a retired Niagara Falls firefighter, Mr. Barr has answered thousands of calls by people who were injured and in crisis.

Mr. Fanizzi has over ten years experience in a major Buffalo law firm preparing cases for trial.

Together, they have opened an office on Pine Avenue in Niagara Falls, bringing their collective experience and personal attention to your case.

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Andrew D. Fanizzi, Esq.

Andrew D. Fanizzi, Esq.

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